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David Steen recalls: “During his series of one-nighters Cliff drove himself from town to town, gig to gig, in his left-hand-drive Corvette Stingray. He was a good driver and loved cars. At that time he also had a Cadillac Fleetway limousine. I spent three days on the road with him.”
Location: England
Year: 1964
Biography: Born in India in 1940, Cliff Richard is the only singer in history to have UK Number One hits in five decades (from 1950s-1990s). His 1979 single ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’ sold almost five million copies worldwide. In early Sixties, when he was optimistically marketed as the British Elvis, he made a number of films of which The Young Ones (1962) and Summer Holiday (1963) are the most famous. He remains a popular performer, another of those curiously British ‘institutions’, and in 1995 he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth for his charity work.
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