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Location: Opio, Provence France
Year: 1982
Biography: Born in England in 1921, actor Dirk Bogarde became one of British cinema’s biggest stars. His screen career started as far back as 1939 when he was an extra in the film Come on George. In the 1950’s he was a regular in the popular British ‘Doctor’ series of films (Doctor in the House, 1954) but gained credibility as a ‘serious’ actor with his portrayal of a gay lawyer fighting a gang of blackmailers in The Victim (1961). Known for taking risks in the films he chose, the risks frequently paid off, as with Harold Pinter’s sinister classic, The Servant (1961) and Providence (1979). Bogarde began writing in the 1970’s and retired from acting later that decade to concentrate on writing his many novels and volumes of memoirs. He was knighted in 1992 and died in 1999.
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