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David recalls: The great thing about a good-looking Hollywood star lying on a hammock is that if used properly it goes across a spread rather than a page. Space is a constant consideration when you are a freelancer. I had flown out to Antigua to photograph Sophia Loren, Coburn’s co-star in Firepower. This provided me with a glimpse of life under the director Michael Winner, a loveable man with a temper so foul it is legendary. The crew were starved of British news and there was a scuffle when I arrived with the Sunday papers. Bob Christie, Winner’s assistant, was the first person to snatch them and Michael screamed: ‘Tell Christie to bring me the papers now or he’ll be on the next plane back.’
Location: Antigua
Year: 1978
Biography: Born in Nebraska in 1928, actor Coburn worked in the film industry for over 40 years. His physical presence on screen was awesome, and it was thanks to this that he gained such fame for his role in The Magnificent Seven (1960) (because he didn’t have many lines!). He went on to star in a number of action-led films such as The Great Escape (1963), and two Sam Peckinpah films, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (1973) and the often-overlooked Cross of Iron (1977). Later in his career, he took less formulaic roles, often in the form of light comedies such as Young Guns II (1990), Maverick, (1994), and The Nutty Professor (1996). Coburn also appeared on Paul McCartney’s album cover Band on the Run in 1973. He died in 2002.
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