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David Steen recalls: “Keeping the film crew well fed is top priority in movie making. When they did the recce for the location of The African Queen, which John Huston directed, they were lucky in securing the services of an excellent cook who produced a variety of exotic dishes and always kept a big pot of appetising stew on the burner. One day, well into filming, the cook failed to turn up, narrowly avoiding a visit from the police investigating an inexplicable rise in the number of missing persons from the surrounding areas. John Huston reckoned (as did others) that they might have found their way into the stew pot when other ingredients were in short supply.”
Location: Los Angeles
Year: 1975
Biography: A director, writer and actor born in Nevada, Missouri, in 1906, Huston followed his father, Walter, into the film industry. A restless spirit, he secured a contract with MGM studios as a writer in 1938, apparently having decided to ‘settle down’. He received the first of many Oscar nominations for his work on the script of Dr Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet. But it was after successfully lobbying the studio to try his hand at directing that he found true success. He managed to turn the well-worn story of The Maltese Falcon (1941) into the archetypal detective thriller, giving Humphrey Bogart a big break into the bargain. When America joined World War II, he signed up and saw action in the Pacific and in Europe. On his return, he took up with Warner Bros. and won two Oscars – for screenwriting and direction – for The Treasure of Sierra Madre. The film also won his father an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. He directed and wrote countless other movies, many of which are now considered classics, including The Asphalt Jungle (1950), The African Queen (1951), The Misfits (1961), and The Man who Would be King (1975). He died in 1987, two years after directing his daughter Anjelica to an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Prizzi’s Honor. He is the only person ever to have directed a parent and a sibling in Academy Award-winning roles.
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