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David Steen recalls: “Some years later I was in Arizona on an assignment and decided to look him up. ‘Sure,’ he said when I called him, ‘Come along. Get here.’ It was Sunday morning as I drove to his hacienda, high in the rugged mountains of the desert. As I came into range I could see him sitting on the wall outside, his legs dangling as he waited, and watching the car come around. He reminded me of a guard dog summing you up. I got out of the car; he still didn’t move or speak. I walked up to him and he said: ‘What kept ya?’  We hadn’t seen each other for ten years!”

Location: Arizona
Year: 1985
Biography: American star of major Hollywood film noir and Westerns, Marvin was invalided out of World War II after being shot in the buttocks. However, his status as an ex-Marine would follow him throughout a film career forged on a series of memorable ‘heavies’ and hard-man heroes. His early performances included playing gang leaders in both The Big Heat (1953) and The Wild One (1954) before a surprise Oscar for his role in spoof Western Cat Ballou (1965) elevated him to true big-star status. His career continued with numerous action-hero roles in movies such as The Dirty Dozen (1967) and Hell in the Pacific (1968). He left a legacy of a very different sort when his long-time romantic partner Michelle Triola successfully sued him for financial support, leasing to the first use of the word ‘palimony’. He died from a heart attack in 1987
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