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David Steen recalls: “Lee lived in Malibu Beach where the houses are so closely built that this stretch of the Pacific is virtually private, and therefore secluded. He invited me over one Sunday and he’d already been on the juice when I arrived at 11am.
The first thing he did was throw me a pair of cowboy boots to put on while he went to the bedroom, opened the French windows on to the beach, got a revolver and started firing into the ocean. My first reaction was my God we’re going to get arrested; I could imagine the headline in the LA Times. The next thing I knew there was the wail of a police siren coming down Pacific Highway, the whining getting louder and louder. Sure enough it stopped outside the front door. Lee carried on firing, bang, bang, bang.
There was a knock at the door. Lee was still firing. At the second knock Lee walked to the door and started returning the knock from the inside. Then he opened the door to a burly, menacing-looking cop, the siren still wailing and blue lights flashing. The policeman said, ‘Lee, not again,’ in the sort of voice you’d use for a naughty child misbehaving. Lee grabbed him. ‘Hello Charlie, come in,’ he said. Obviously this was nothing new. He was really a great guy and we spent many fun-filled days and nights whooping it up on Malibu Beach.”
Location: Arizona
Year: 1985
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Biography: Lee Marvin (February 19, 1924 – August 29, 1987) was an American film and television actor. Known for his distinctive voice and premature white hair, Marvin initially appeared in supporting roles, mostly villains, soldiers, and other hardboiled characters. A prominent television role was that of Detective Lieutenant Frank Ballinger in the NBC crime series M Squad(1957–1960)

One of Marvin’s most notable film projects was Cat Ballou (1965), a comedy Western in which he played dual roles. For portraying both gunfighter Kid Shelleen and criminal Tim Strawn, he won the Academy Award for Best Actor, along with a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award, an NBR Award, and the Silver Bear for Best Actor