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David Steen recalls: “Marc was quite outrageous and a very snazzy dresser. Photographing him gave me the opportunity to get something really stylish. I like the top hat – hats are one of my favourite props in photos.”
Location: Barnes, England
Year: 1972
Print Type: Fibre-based Harman Galerie FB Digital
Printed by: Metro Imaging, London
Limited Editions: All prints are limited editions, no further prints are produced once sold
Bespoke: All prints are bespoke and printed to order, stamped and numbered
Presentation: Prints are supplied to clients flat in an acid-free box or rolled in a tube
Watermark: Watermarks will not be present on an original print
Tags: marc bolan, t-rex, legend, singer, songwriter, get it on, children of the revolution, 20th century boy, metal guru, telegram sam, i love to boogie, light of love, truck on tyke, the groover, solid gold easy action, zip gun boogie, artist, glam rock band, electric warrior, tanx, dandy in the underworld
Copyright: © David Steen / The David Steen Archive