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An exclusive limited edition portrait photograph of the British actor Michael Caine wearing a fur collared jacket and a cravat along with his trademark glasses, captured by photographer David Steen.

Location: Windsor, England
Year: 1972
Print Type: Fibre-based Harman Galerie Digital
Printed by: Metro Imaging, London
Limited Editions: All prints are limited editions, no further prints are produced once sold
Bespoke: All prints are bespoke and printed to order, stamped and numbered
Presentation: Prints are supplied to clients flat in an acid-free box or rolled in a tube
Watermark: Watermarks will not be present on an original print
Tags: british, actor, 1972, 70s, 1970s, the seventies, film star, legend, famous, fame, movies, hollywood, get carter, zulu, the ipcress file, alfie, the italian job, battle of britain, a bridge too far, educating rita, the last valley, sleuth, the man who would be king
Copyright: © David Steen / The David Steen Archive

Biography: Born Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, Londoner Caine has acted in numerous television dramas and films since the 1960’s and has become something of a British institution. The first film to earn him real recognition was Zulu in 1964. Four decades on he remains one of Britain’s most prolific screen actors, able to tackle comedy and serious drama with equal ease, notably in Alfie (1966), Battle of Britain (1969) and, more recently, Little Voice (1998) and The Cider House Rules (1999), for which he won an Academy Award. His trademark glasses and ‘working-class’ cockney accent make him instantly recognisable as well as frequently imitated.