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David Steen recalls: “Veracruz in southern Mexico is real jungle with mosquitoes, scorpions, cockroaches and hot rooms with very little air-conditioning. I went there to photograph Faye Dunaway (who had just made Bonnie and Clyde) while she was filming The Extraordinary Seaman starring David Niven and Mickey Rooney, directed by John Frankenheimer. Mickey Rooney was a great clown and a great actor.”
Location: Mexico
Year: 1967
Biography: American actor Mickey Rooney, born in 1920, was still a child when he made his film debut and he later complained that, ‘I was a 14-year-old boy for 30 years.’ He appeared in over 50 silent comedies between 1927 and 1933 before the runaway success of his character Andy Hardy in a seemingly-endless run of musicals. Mostly opposite Judy Garland, between 1927 and 1946. In 1939 he replaced Shirley Temple as Hollywood’s biggest box-office draw. Following the Second World War, Rooney found critical and commercial success harder to come by, despite countless roles in which he showed his not inconsiderable talents as an actor. In 1983, Rooney received the Lifetime Achievement Oscar after a career of over 60 years. However, he was already an Oscar winner; in 1938, aged just 18, the Academy voted him an honorary Oscar for the ‘personification of youth’ and ‘setting a high standard of ability and achievement’.
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