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David Steen recalls: Noel has an interesting, sort of egg-shaped head so I wanted to come in very close. I’d just bought a new lens that produced close-up effect, but perhaps it was unnecessary for this particular shot as I remember him saying: ‘Come closer, dear boy.’
Location: The Dorchester Hotel, London, England
Year: 1960
Biography: Multi-talented English icon, as famous for his bon mots as for his skills as a writer, actor, composer and dramatist. Born in 1899, Coward’s inspiration stemmed from an early visit to New York in 1921, where he soaked up the glamour and pace brewing at the brink of the jazz age – and channelled its energy into British theatre. His numerous plays include Blithe Spirit and The Vortex, and the memorable film Brief Encounter (1945). His talent and wit endured throughout World War II, and with songs and novels he traversed most creative genres. As Coward himself acknowledged, ‘Everybody worships me, it’s nauseating.’ He died in Jamaica in 1973.
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