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An exclusive limited edition photograph of Dudley Moore & Peter Cook; half naked.

David Steen recalls: “This was meant to be a fashion shoot of the two comedians wearing clothes selected by a magazine’s fashion editor. Needless to say we were ready and waiting and the stylist informed me that the clothes hadn’t turned up. I went into the dressing room to break the news to Pete and Dud, but they were already in a state of undress. ‘Where do you want us?’ they said.”

Location: London, England
Year: 1972
Biography: Comedy duo who found fame with their BBC comedy show Not Only but Also (1965). Cook, an Oxford University graduate, was later instrumental in re-establishing the dwindling fortunes of the satirical magazine Private Eye. Dudley Moore established himself as a successful comic actor in major Hollywood films, most notably alongside Sir John Gielgud and Liza Minnelli in Arthur (1981). He was also a talented pianist. Their pairing as comedians inspired a new approach to comedy in the Sixties and Seventies, exploring the depths of satire and plain lunacy. Cook died in 1995 and Moore in 2002.
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