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David Steen recalls: “Ringo was becoming known for character spots in feature films, in Blindman as a vicious kidnapper – he had tired of playing lovable characters. In this jokey off set cameo, producer Allen Klein, the sharp-talking American lawyer brought in to the manage ‘The Beatles’ finances and take over management of Apple, holds a gun to Ringo’s stomach. The matey relationship was already doomed – The Beatles were to fall out over Klein’s appointment. In 1971, Paul McCartney had already instituted High Court action against him.”
Location: Almeria, Spain
Year: 1971
Biography: Beatle Ringo and American lawyer Allen Klein met when Klein was hired to sort out The Beatles’ financial mess after Lennon was quoted claiming that due to their company Apple Corps.’ business problems, the group would be broke within six months. Klein renegotiated their recording contract with EMI Records and increased their royalties from six cents to 39 cents per album. Klein had already made a name for himself negotiating huge advances and re-organising the finances of other major artists such as Donovan, Sam Cooke and The Rolling Stones. However, as The Beatles disintegrated, Klein found himself embroiled in the general acrimony. He formed ABKCO Industries from the dust of Cameo-Parkway Records in 1969, and the company still owns the right to many R&B classics of the Fifties and Sixties.
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