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David Steen recalls: “Sean was making the movie Zardoz, directed by John Boorman on location in County Wicklow. There wasn’t much to do in the evenings except for the existence of a spacious snooker hall containing some 30 tables. John Alderton, also starring in the film, suggested a knockout snooker contest, the prize a magnum of champagne donated by him. He was known to be a good player with his own snooker table at home so possibly he figured it was likely he wouldn’t be presenting the prize to anybody but himself. The competition commenced. It came down to the last table, John Alderton versus Sean Connery. The lights were dimmed except for the one above the centre table and the crew stood around to watch the final. This was to be the best of three. Sean, who likes to win, won the first game amid absolute silence. It got to the second game, clearly Sean was winning again, the atmosphere was tense. John stopped play, ‘It’s only a game,’ he said, ‘You didn’t think I was serious did you?’ Sean ignored him, put his head down and won the second game. A local photographer was there to record John presenting the magnum to Sean.”
Location: County Wicklow, Ireland
Year: 1973
Biography: Born in 1930, Connery remains one of the most admired actors around – as much for his suave looks as his acting. Those looks, as well as the smooth, dry wit of his delivery and his well-muscled body – he represented Scotland in the 1950 Mr Universe contest – would stand him in good stead for what is perhaps his most famous, enduring role: James Bond. After tiring of the role in 1971, at first he found the Bond persona difficult to shake off, but in time he managed it with superb performances in films such as the wonderful The Man who Would be King (1975) and The Untouchables (1987), for which he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. As an actor he remains as popular as ever and apparently has no problem in finding film role after film role – indeed, why should he when he regularly tops magazine polls as the sexiest male film star.
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