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An exclusive limited edition photograph of the Italian Actress Sophia Loren posing for David Steen’s camera in Antigua.

David Steen recalls: “In 1979, I was asked if I would go to Antigua to photograph Sophia Loren, well, this was magic, what a privilege. She had seen my work and had approved that I could go out there, that’s the way it works. So I flew out to Antigua and on her day off in the hotel where she was staying, outside her bedroom was a very big balcony in the shade, no way was I going to photograph her in the sun and she came out in this red silk dress, and the weather was slightly clammy and this dress was just clinging to her body, I mean, she just oozes sex.
You don’t have to tell her how to pose, as soon as she sat down, her legs, her body, just looked magnificent. I got the tripod, I got the camera and I’m about to shoot pictures when she said, ‘David, do you sometimes put something in front of the lens?’ and I said, ‘Do you mean like a soft focus filter? I do sometimes use one Sophia but unfortunately I don’t have one with me.’ So she got up out of the chair and went into her bedroom, she came out and she tossed me one of her black stockings. Well, needless to say, I was in heaven.”
Year: 1979
Print Type: Digital C-Type
Printed by: Metro Imaging, London
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